[champion] Diana R reset - suggestion

Hi, guys! I have played Diana sometimes, Katarina and Akali also. The only thing that annoys me in Diana is her weak escape that breaks her snowball easily. When Kata goes in the enemies, she can easily reset her shunpo and runs away after she killed someone, Akali also if she has good opportunities on the map to great jumps (plus don't forget about her defensive shroud), unfortunatelly, if Diana jumps in the enemies - her hp bar will be problably fast melted by the enemies and she is going to do nothing even if she killed someone. Im talking now about Diana assasin - builded to get fast kill and run away like Kata and Akali do. How about so to give Diana's R reset after she kills someone or just make it's cooldown shorter like you have done with Lux's R? Waiting for feedbacks. Sry for my english. Regards, Malzahard =)!
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