It is next to impossible to carry most low elo teams.

This isn't a rant but an honest observation of someone trying to escape elo hell. I am currently Iron II and had two promos today already and while I do not consider myself a very good player, I an definitely better than most Irons and try my best at creating map pressure and taking objectives. However as of today I had two promos and I got teams which were filled with total braindead players who had not the slightest clue on how to go about the game. For starters, I have had ADCs who lost lane every single time and would prefer to die chasing opponent's through the jungle instead of attacking the open mid inhibitor tower which our minions were already at. I've had people who would lose to a 0/5 Tryndamere and a 0/3 Neeko who I'd shut down hard in lane only to get them back up and snowballing. Something tells me that the game chooses to match you with total shit heads and expects you to carry them to victory to compensate for their ignorance. I hardly ever lose my lane and can carry a team for as long as the members aren't completely braindead, but Riot seems to have a different algorithm during one's promos which pairs you up with total cluster%%%%s who were probably droppe%%%% their heads as kids. I do not understand how the matchmaking here works and whether it punishes you for having played well in past games for as it stands now the matchmaking has been especially shit, specifically at the promos. I do not know how I could have played better in any of my promos today. Creating as much map pressure as possible, successfully spit pushing and claiming towers, helping with every single dragon, helping other lanes snowball after having shut my laner down hard, none of that mean shit when once you hit mid game people seem to not care about throwing the game out either intentionally or due to their incapability. I do all of the above as much as possible but the better I play, the harder I seem to get hit by matchmaking and the worse teammates I receive in the matches to follow.
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