About the ''new'' anti-shield mechanics

Smart cookies will have noticed the brackets of the ''new'' in the title. That's because the way Riot is trying to combat shield spamming isn't anything new, not at all. Remember Irelia? The, what, 10 times nerfed champ since rework? Yeah, she was the OG. Her passive had anti-shield on it. 300% increased damage (of only the passive bonus magic damage may I add) to shields. That was removed pretty quickly after her rework because of various reasons, even though back then shields were even stronger than they are now. Aatrox is another champion that had this mechanic since his rework. His passive empowered attack reduced the strength of incoming shields by 60% if memory serves for something like 4 seconds. Bearing in mind he wasn't able to get a second hit of his passive off as quickly as he can now, and it only really had an effect on shields applied after the target had been hit by the attack. That was removed quite soon after his rework in the tangled mess of whatever they tried to do with him. And now that they are introducing counterplay to shields they're given to the most random champions ever. 50 Fury Renekton W? Blitzcrank R? But why? Why give these mechanics to these two champions and just completely ignore the two of the only champions who ever had those mechanics? I completely understand that Aatrox and Irelia are... well, they are, we all know what. But in spite of that, why not buff/nerf? The shieldbreaking and -weakening mechanic was theirs first and now when it is properly getting reintroduced them two are just left in the corner without any toys. What is the logic of this? Feel free to converse below, but my main question overall is this. Why two practically random champions get this as the ones who brought it into the game first get forgotten?
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