Im declaring myself diamond O_o

after being demoted back to silver im going to declare myself diamond.... 90% of games if i go top Mid and bot feeds if i support jungler is afk farming if i go jungle its usually all lanes failing if i go ADC i become the support for the support .... its impossible to climb ... I go on win streaks all good then i get matched with players that i should "carry" resulting in a loss streak Over the year my MMR has slowly dropped and now im at 14 LP per win and 23 LP per loss...... I feel like ranked is a Lie ... if ytou have 1 AFK thats equal to a bad player....... League requires teamwork .... every role depends on each other... its not mortal kombat.... and one thing i have definetely noticed is that outside of game everyone is like oh you just got to learn to carry? but is that really trhe case cos in game all i ever see is "we could have won if you werent doing that" or "that guy played very badly" even in high elo games i see people say that in game...... So thats why i declare ranked a lie its not a rank of skill its a rank of luck... A guy can be good at their role but they cant be jesus and carry a game full of people who wont listen and a game of AFKs/Trolls I believe i deserve diamond now.... i have tried diamond games on a friends account and i won if i didnt deserve it i would have lost of thats what rank says? UPDATE: i have now won a game and heres what i learned..... i had the right team this time... each role doing their job betetr teamwork meanwhile as i said in game enemy team report this guy etc ... so its a reapeat of what i said right team easy win... outside of games Learn to carry inside games this guy is making us lose.... I know everyone here is guilt of blaming their team for a loss

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