My Problem with Worlds Missions

The addition of missions to League of Legends was great, it gives you an extra goal for a small reward. It makes you go the extra mile some games, and they are generally not too intrusive and disruptive. This is good, because when missions were first announced, Riot told us: > **PRINCIPLE #1: MISSIONS DON'T TROLL YOUR GAMES.** * This is a delicate area. It’s important to us that missions don’t negatively impact your games. This means missions can’t encourage players to play to lose or to play in sub-optimal ways. However, we’re making an exception for situations where all five players are signed up for the same challenge. From: And that was a good call. You don't want to force people to play some weird stuff like 300 AD Lux, only to get some tokens for a mission. This makes some of the Worlds missions very strange: * Win a game with no ranged champions on your team. * Win a game with all players on your team using the Teleport Summoner Spell. These missions very specifically force you two play sub-optimally and, to be honest, definitely troll your games. Playing with five times {{summoner:12}} definitely does negatively impact your games. How is a jungler going to play? {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:11}} ? Is a bot lane forced to not take heal? This puts you at a definite disadvantage, considering that the enemy team will not be dumb enough to take sub-optimal summoners. I'd love to hear why Riot goes against its very first principle for missions.
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