Morgana changes

Morning everyone, I just saw the PBE changes and was a bit disappointed that they still didn't touch Morgana's spells. This champion's kit is pretty much illogical, she is played as support because her spells doesn't fit the mage role (except in Twisted Treeline I guess...), but for a support, her W is a bit useless, you can proc the gold item with it although it cost tons of mana, or try to trick the ennemys to move out of it and you Q them there but still... the spell is not a good spell for a support. Needless to say that the change on her passive few patches ago deleted her sustain as a mage, and is useless as a support because... you don't have that much damage and you won't hit the canon minion. Since Riot are aware on the problem, I was happy and was expecting something since the Ezreal's patch, but it didnt come yet, maybe are they out of ideas ? ...So I would like to suggest something and have your opinion about it : New Passiv : • Something like approach velocity rune : +movespeed when runing toward ennemys with impaired movement speed Q : • Increasing the cooldown in early levels • Increasing the damage in early levels W : • Increasing the cooldown on lv 1, leveling the spell decrease it until the same now at rank 5 • Reducing mana cost • Reducing damage by 33% • Fixing the damage so it doesn't depend on the target's missing health (50-100 -> 75) • Creating new combination with the other spells, depending on which order you cast them : - Cast a W on a target hit by Q : Increase W damage by 100% (it would be 150% of the damages right now) - Cast a Q on a target under W : The Q pass through units, deals damage to the first target only, but binds everything hit behind the first target for half the duration (1-1.5) - Cast W on an ally under E : E shield's become physical and magical, and is increased by 50% - Cast E on an ally under W : W procs heals the ally for half the damage it does to ennemys (50 dmg/proc = 25 heal/proc) E/R : • I find the spells pretty ok PS : Don't be mean on my english please, french board is dead ❤

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