More No Cost Abilities

I think that a lot of champions need **No Cost** ability . What I want to say is: - {{champion:432}} 's E and ult are great and you should position yourself and your allies, but they are **not** abilities you use in **fights** (such as {{champion:22}} 's E , which is No Cost) - {{champion:17}} 's W is an ability you use when you want to escape or **go** to lane ** faster** (such as {{champion:92}} 's E , which is No Cost; _*i know it's not good example*_ ) - {{champion:56}} 's W is an ability you use when you want to.. **deny** an enemy **ability** (such as {{champion:15}} 's E, which is No Cost) I know these are not great examples, but you know what i want to say; there are abilities whose mana costs are **not worth** and they do **not** need mana costs (by my opinion, of course) _EDIT_ - more examples: - {{champion:44}} 's ult - it is one of his **main** abilities and , you know, it has a long delay. It is an AOE version of {{champion:10}} 's R but it also has a** long delay** so I think it doesn't really need mana cost. (What I mean is that it is as balanced as {{champion:10}} 's ulti (because of the big delay), so it should be No Cost such as her ulti) - {{champion:26}} 's W is also a **big** part of his kit and it is **not** spammable ability.
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