Buff Lucians E coldown early game. And fix his passive bug

{{champion:236}}´s early game just does not match others ADC´s when it comes to poking and pressuring in order to create leads by farming etc. I think that a E buff really would make him more viable as he then would be able to poke and pressure more as a normal lane bully should do. But most importantly would he finally be able to match their poke and pressuring so he does not end up farming under tower like most games. I also think that his passive bug should have been fixed by now. The bug is that the second shot with his passive is cancelled absolutely randomly (in my own experience). This makes it hard to cs as you rely on your passive to sometimes kill 1 creep with one passive shot and then to kill another one with the second shot. This bug also comes when dueling other champions. Both shots just doesn't go off sometimes, especially when they dash the tiniest bit or flash. I have noticed this in lane when i AA their ADC and then dash to proc PTA but the second shot is just cancelled just because they dash backwards or sideways.
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