Base turrets

Riot: "Base Turrets Base lasers no longer slow or reduce damage dealt by the targets they are lasering. Right now, League has evolved pretty heavily toward teamfight style compositions being the go-to strategy - especially in pro level play. In trying to offer more diversity in strategic choices (one might say strategic diversity), we've identified turret death lasers as being the ones inhibiting alternative paths to victory (like split-pushing). We realize that, at the start of the season, we put these mechanics on to curb split pushing, but we're going deliberately hard to see if we can actually push meaningful shifts in strategy. This may also up the ante for turret-diving teams when trying to finish games off (which isn't a bad thing), but we're more aiming to enable split pushing here. REMOVEDSET LASERS TO SLOWNo longer slows the target REMOVEDSET LASERS TO DAMAGE REDUCTIONNo longer reduces the target's damage" If we assume that by base turrets riot means nexus turrets then: Riot are you serious or trolling 1. This makes Back doors easier to perform It has nothing to do with splitpushing and it wont buff splitpushing even a bit Unless you count Back door as splitpushing in which case It still doesnt really buff splitpushing .. 2. **IT increases snowball EVEN freaking more** **And snowball IN league of legends is currently stronger then it ever was to the point its disgusting ..** And now they are nerfing Base towers .. which in reality Dont do anything anyway Snowball is to high Ask any veteran player and he ll confirm that snowball this season is to strong In high elo WORD comeback is forgotten .. Since the winning team gets so much free advantage You want diversity ? Then i suggest following: Fix Ohmwreckers/Banner of command/ZZ rot They are build because player wants their active in given situation And they need to pay like freaking 3k for that ACTIVE And lets be real who needs any of those actives for this pathetic towers which get destroyed so easy Lets be serious for a second: ** WHEN WILL SUPPORT BE LIKE OH WE COULD USE ITEM FOR TOWERDIVING AND I HAVE 3K GOLD IN MY POCKET** dont you see whats wrong Whole riot idea that every sub item should build in more items shouldnt apply for every item yet riot forces it (Pattern i noticed over a years) **Those 3 items should be exception. Both those 3 items should build out of their own sub-item which already has the effect the final item has (A bit weaker though) Note i am not saying those items should be actives only they should give some stats to And rework Ohmwrecker its the weakest of those 3 It should be an item which supports build in case you have to dive and you dont have a tank Btw why the fuck does ohmwrecker have tank stats ... You are better of getting any other armor item instead of it and just tanking if you are tank. TANKS dont need ohmwrecker basicly. So many flaws in this item............ **But wait what Sub heroCRO you are basicly suggesting stuff which ll increase snowball** _Hold on_ 1. Reduce Inh timers to 3 minutes from 4. Season before it used to be 3 sec which was just the perfect number 2. Generaly make Tower damage scale a bit better. I dont hate towerdives but they feel to easy ATM 3. Make inh base towers do Small Aoe damage. -And remove that nonsense slow from them. DO YOU HATE immobile champions btw?. The slow has no purpose AT ALL literaly no purpose. So what should be good against inh towers then? -ZZrot -Buff Siege minions who are buffed by baron. So they can actually do damage. I suggest doubling the damage and maybe increasing the range they can shoot from by 50 4. Increase buff duration by 1 minute . Its a revert from last season -This change doesnt really increase / decrease snowball but its a good change Because honestly this is how buff duration feel like this season: 1. Kill a jungler 2. Get his buffs 3. Recall because the jungler brought you low (In terms of hp) 4. Come back to lane 5. Have those buffs for 20 seconds ... and y thats about it
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