Jax..? Also Jarvan's ulti

I will try and write this without sounding like i am a moaning child. I love the game so much and stuff it's just at times it seems a little unbalanced. First off i wanted to talk a tiny bit about jax. So basically this is just a quick thread about how/why i think jax is completely unbalanced. First off i would like to say i think that his kit is extremely bloated he has extremely strong ad/ap output which makes it a lot harder to build a solid defense. He also has extreme damage because his ulti's passive and his empowered strike and the fact his attack speed is just crazy because of his passive means he can do like 900 damage in one hit sometimes which is just stupid. Also his block is annoying at most i wouldn't say it is op. The active ability on his ulti annoys me though purely because he has such a strong damage output he shouldn't be able to tank too? that's just unfair. Overall i just think he is a little broken because 1v1 is almost impossible if the jax player knows what he is doing. Now to Jarvan's ulti! Does anyone else feel like his ultimate just doesn't bring anything to the fight anymore? Most new champions and existing all have jumps and dashes etc to escape it, and even if they miss it or it's on cool down everyone has flash so most of the time everyone escapes? and the only thing you have really done is some decent damage and slowed them down at most for a few seconds? i feel like it should be reworked so that you cant escape it at all like poppy's new W so its fair and in return increase cool down timer and have a shorter duration or something?
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