So Corki is a hypercarry now?

I was playing against corki mid yesterday, and things were going fine until corki completed his core {{item:3031}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3087}} and started literally destroying everyone. He was not particularly fed, I actually had more gold than him up until his 3 item powerspike. Build : 15 min : {{item:3078}} 20 min : {{item:1038}} 23 min : {{item:3031}} 28 min : {{item:3087}} At one point (right after he completed statikk) he took 80% of my hp with ult+aa, granted I was a Lux without magic res (so I was indeed squishy) and he had {{item:3020}}, but still... As far as I recall Corki has always been more of an early game champion, how comes he can win a game through pure outscaling after a rather unsuccessful early game? And if he became a hypercarry how am I supposed to abuse him on lane when he has sick base stats + good burst + mobility + decent poke + decent wave clear + strong roaming potential? Just to clarify this is not the only reason why we lost and I am well aware of that, but the amount of burst coming out from Corki was unbearable and it really counted for A LOT in that game
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