Ranked Solo q, Bronze 1 matched with Gold 4

Can u please give me any single explanation why would I get matched with a **** Gold 4(in Soloq as well) player if my rank is Bronze 1 ???? your limitation rule says - Bronze Tier: Can only queue with Bronze and Silver Tier players. So why did i get this Gold 4 guy??? I did a research in entire google and didn't find a single answer why this should happen to me. All i can see is that your rule says I can be matched with other bronze or maximum silver players, nothing above that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was playing Janna, he was Hecarim, and he was premade with Annie. Annie is silver but i still don't understand why i got in this match with him Another game i was playing Evelynn and got matched with Gold 5 Ryze, wtf is this
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