So this is a ranked game where basically YI beat us 1 vs 5 (more like 1 vs 7, his team mates were bad no offense) because of the new buffs. Like for real this makes me so salty because the player that plays Yi has a single job : time his q with enemys stuns, cc so he can dodge/counter them , and after that press q for Penta. Is a 1 ability champion so stop buffing him. If he is on you and you dont have GA or Zhonya's then you are dead in 1 maybe 2 seconds. If you have GA or Zhonya's you are dead in 6 maybe 7 seconds. You cannot stun because he press q and he ignores those things (or have more people to stun him with is kinda hard because you dont know where he will land with his q).The only thing is to have more burst than him which is quite imposible because of the buffs on the assasins items. As a Veigar I had to predict his q (where he will apear next time) , prepare w and e , put e and he q again on me so no use of that cage(did not died because Irven used redemtion on the spot where i was, otherwise yi would kill me with 2 q's),hit w so when he apear in that spot the w land on him, ignite flash, use Zonyas to cancel his third q and use ultimate to kill him. HARD RIGHT and if i had no help from Irven who was near and who also hit yi I would have died and irven would have died after me. And i had some good damage on my W and R (missed the 1 Q and he ignored my cage E) and irven poked him . While he used only Q and 1 auto-attack. So YI is a brainless Champion with buffs on his side, with assassin items on his side who can carry a game by himself because f**k you teamplay. [SCORES]( [DAMAGE](
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