[Poll] What do you think about the new Blue Essence system?

I already did a poll in the german boads and i would like to do this in english again, so maybe riot is going to see it. As many of you guys already realized, there is a new system to gain BE (old: IP). After i played 15 games today i got a capsule and the content was worth 800 BE. So i gained like 50 BE from 1 game. The old system gave like 100+ IP each game. And then, i need to spend 3250 (mastery 6) or 3900 (mastery 7) BE to upgrade my champion mastery. So i need to play 75 games to get enough BE for that? This is way too expensive! So im really disappointed and to be honest, i cant understand why they put after 7 years a level system into the game? Whatever. I just wanna ask how is your point of view? What do you think about the new system? I hope you upvote this thread and take a part in this discussion (and poll), so maybe Riot is going to see it and might change the new system. Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language. :)
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