Most disappointing skins you've bought?

There are a lot of really cool skins in this game. But let's be honest, there are some that you would have high hopes for, yet they're far from meeting your expectations. In some cases you would rather play the given champion without a skin than with the skin you don't like. Here are my list of the skins that disappointed me the most: 1. {{champion:16}} Program Soraka (Your Shop) - As an epic skin, I was expecting a lot. But this skin just really doesn't fit Soraka. Her voice is creepy, her looks isn't as magical, and just in general, I don't like the skin. I rather bought her cheapest skin (Dryad Soraka) to have a viable skin for her until Star Guardian Soraka goes on a sale (which I've been waiting for the entire year, and it still has never been on sale, come on Riot!). {{sticker:sg-soraka}} 2. {{champion:91}} Blood Moon Talon (Your Shop) - It seemed like a really good skin at first. The animations are really good, the skin itself isn't that bad, I just have 1 real issue with the skin. It's so incredibly edgy that it makes me feel bad on loading screen. Like seriously, even Kayn would envy the level of edge from Blood Moon Talon. It's still better than his classic skin though, because ever since rework, his normal splash art became so bad that it's unplayable. I would rather have the old splash than the new one or the Blood Moon. Luckily I opened Enduring Sword Talon since that, which is definitely his nicest skin. 3. {{champion:145}} K/DA Kai'Sa (full price purchase on release) - I saw the skin, I saw she had double bun hairstyle, and wanted to buy her immediately. That hairstyle is just superior to all other hairstyles, and that's a fact ~~or just my personal opinion~~. That alone made me unable to resist the skin. But for some reason, playing K/DA Kai'Sa feels no different in-game than playing her classic skin. Yeah, there are some cool sound effects, but visually, it feels the same. It was especially disappointing due to the fact that I bought this skin for full price, which I never do otherwise. 4. {{champion:267}} Program Nami (Your Shop) - This skin was very overhyped. I've seen people say that it's the best skin ever, has better animations than DJ Sona, all that kind of stuff, so I was very hyped about it. The animations are indeed good, the splashart isn't bad either, but I really don't like the model. The textures and the model itself feel very low quality, and I'd rather play any other skin of hers. I used to really like this skin until I looked at the model from closer. With the Program Theme, there could've been so much more they could've done, but I feel like the model is lacking details. 5. {{champion:55}} Mercenary Katarina (got it from someone for carrying when after-game gifting was still a thing) - The first skin I've ever gotten if we don't count the free skins for {{champion:18}} and {{champion:12}} . I was asked which skin I wanted, and I chose this one, because I found the white hair really cool. However, after a while this skin just felt really disappointing. There isn't much difference from the normal skin aside from hair color, and I also started preferring red hair over white, so it was also a skin where I'd rather play the normal skin over the skin itself. Luckily since that I opened Kitty Kat and Red Card, so I'm saved. 6. {{champion:37}} Sweetheart Sona (got it from a bag I got from Odyssey Gem) - Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I own this skin, because otherwise my Sona skin collection wouldn't be complete, but I don't like the skin itself for some really small reason. Firstly, her hair seems way too thin. Secondly, the small splash that you have next to your HP bar, her neck is broken and in that small splash she kinda looks like she has a punk hairstyle. 7. {{champion:99}} Star Guardian Lux (Your Shop) - I always thought this skin was so cool, and wanted it. I was happy to buy it, but after a while it started feeling too much pink. Like literally, it's so freaking pink that it makes me want to vomit ~~rainbow~~. It's not at the point where I'd rather play the classic skin, but it still started bothering me after a while. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about the worst skins. I'm talking about skins that make you have high expectations, and then they turn out to not even nearly meet those expectations. And all these are just my personal opinions, if you like any of these skins, I'm not meaning to offend you. It's just taste and preference. What are the skins that you were disappointed in? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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