Shen support

I would like to ask you your opinions on shen support and its viability, I have been trying here for past few days and as long as the adc is not a farming machine we always dominate the lane ( gold elo ), so laning phase is Great especially at early lvls, however, I highly fall behind in mid to late game and find myself lost in what is my job, I am going full supp build ( locket, knights vow ). In late team fights I feel like I have very little impact and despite winning the lane, I often loose the game with shen. Two options I can see I can do in teamfights - go in taunt squishy, start a team fight, in that case however their assasins will come for my adc and I am out of position to protect her - or save taunt to protect adc and stay near her I am open to all kinds of opinions, hit me up, cheers
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