Prestige True Damage Senna W: Triggering Epilepsy

Hey! I'm writing this on behalf of a friend. She's always been a fan of League, and has played it for longer than I've known her. She loves the lore, the characters, and the game. This is a warning to other epileptics and a plea to Rito to change TD Senna's W effects. The flash from it applying the root almost triggered a seizure in my friend. It resulted in her having twitches for several minutes after. Though a seizure did not occur, due to her closing the TD prestige Senna video before it turned into a seizure. I want to warn others, as does she. I'm hoping Riot will see this and edit the effect as they did with the House Finishers which came out a while ago to give everyone with epilepsy some peace of mind about playing with the skin. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope this helps anyone who may get affected by this. I truly hope that Riot changes this, I know they've done it before and it would sadden me if they didn't this time. I understand it is more time and work. But I don't want my friend to miss out on a game she loves for fear of a seizure occurring due to this skin.
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