One trick ponies - I request your suggestions.

Hello everyone. I have made a post weeks ago asking for help on my situation (which I won't link or bore you with, as I did write a LOT). Long story short, in that post, I explained my situation: I'm a Support main who plays since season 4, focuses and loves traditional and conventional supports (as in, not the current meta supports in which you are just a 5th carry, which is the exact opposite of the definition of support that made me be passionate about the role in the first place) and I've always been Silver or Gold. This season was the first I was placed into Bronze, and found myself unable to leave it to this day, which made me grow desperate. I legitimately find climbing Silver to Gold is easier than getting out of Bronze. No joke. In that post, many people tried to help, but the original causes of my issue still held true. I cannot, from support, make my team take the right calls. I can help in whatever they decide to do, but if their original decision is bad, I'm just helping them lose the game. I can ping all I want, I can call things on chat, I can even take the time to explain why we should do x and not y, but in the end, if they don't care and don't listen, I'm left with the feeling that I'm playing with 3 or 4 rabid dogs that don't listen and I can't put a leash on them, and I can just stand and watch as what I predict ends up happening. No, I don't consider myself a strategist or the sort, I just work with the basics of common sense. Common sense and logic which, in Bronze, apparently is beyond reach for most people. Decision making is piss-poor/non-existant here, but that wouldn't be an issue for me if people were actually willing to listen. But they just do what they want. They spend the entire game functioning off of testosterone, and play the game with their arrogance and their bravado, but not with their brain. And the worst part is that, I can tell myself and others that I'm better than bronze (which I do believe I am, unless I've actually unlearned the game the more I played it), but at the end of the day, it's me who has to leave it, and if I don't, everything I say ends up being just empty talk. I was told randomly by a couple of people that are way higher in the ladder (we're talking Plat and Dia) that getting out of Bronze as Support is completely luck-dependant and should NOT be how I'm trying to do it. Which saddened me, because it's indeed what I like the most, and how I'd like to climb (how I have done from Silver to Gold, for example). But I eventually had to analyze what I was told and associate it with how things have been happening in my games. So I took the decision of putting Ranked play on hold for now, and picking a champion to kind-of OTP and take my time with that could pay off, and then bring it to Ranked and climb myself out of this slump until at least I reach again to the point of playing with people that are actually willing to listen, regardless of their personal skill. I immediately thought of Kalista. My favourite champion (yes, even though I'm support). I've played loads of matches with her before, but she's not even a champion anymore after she was murdered with the "we don't want her to see play anymore until we rework her" nerfs, so I stopped playing her and that option is out of the picture. So I picked up Gangplank. And I freaking love the champion, but it's just not working. The champion scales hard into the late game, but he's just too miserable early on. Which is actually the kind of champion I always preferred, if I had to play a carry. Champions that scale into late even if they don't do well early, that reward the player for being patient and benefit from the enemies' lack of patience. Back in the days, you could afford to play that style, but in the current meta, you either beat someone to oblivion early, or you get beaten to oblivion early. Yes, there are late game champs which are still extremely good, but that is only the case IF that champion still has some degree of strength early on. If it's a true late-game carry with a miserable early-game, it just doesn't work. Hell, you just need to look at the current strong picks that are not assassins. They are mostly late-game champions that abuse a different itemization to reach their intended peak way earlier than they were meant to. But that is only possible if they have some degree of base damage. So, Gangplank isn't working for me either. So, I come here beseeching the help of people who are familiar with the one-trick concept (because they do it), to suggest me a champion (or champions) that I could pick up to invest on, in an OTP fashion, so I could actually carry myself out of this slump I'm in. For context, here are the characteristics I'm looking for: - My biggest weakness is overcomplicated mechanics/ long combo/cycle repetition. This doesn't mean I'm a monkey that can't hit a skillshot, it just means chaotic mechanical intensive champions like Yasuo, Lee, Riven, Ryze, etc. are definitely OUT of my reach; - Adding to those champions, I'm even worse with champions that are too simplistic. You know the champions everyone says they are Yisy or have no mechanical depth? Yea, those. I like a certain amount of versatility and my brain goes bored to death with oversimplistic, linear, one-dimensional champions that are only good at doing one task, and that always have to execute a fight/task the same way, with no variation possibilities. What I'm looking for is a healthy balance between the last point and this one. - I'm looking for a champion that has a regular power curve throughout the game. So, for example, a Pantheon who snowballs like mad and is oppressive early, but whose game is over as soon as he loses lane or as mid-game starts to last more is NOT a choice. On the other hand, someone that has a very weak early game but a monster late-game (even though that's the style I prefer) is not executable as of this moment. I'm looking for a champion that has a word to say, at 5 mins in, and at 50 mins in. - I'm looking for a champion that rewards me for investing time in it. I'm more than willing to put the time in, and I don't mind losing the first 100 games with it if I have to, as long as I feel I'm learning it, improving, and I feel that there's definitely a benefit of learning it more deeply, translated to in-game tasks being achieved. - Last but not least, a champion that always keeps a minimum degree of relevance in the game, regardless of buffs/nerfs (or a champion that doesn't see its name on the patch notes often). In short, the opposite of Flavour of the Month, as generally, those champions are dependant on overtunes on their kit, or dependant on the current state of itemization balance. Thanks for your time. Edit: I believe I failed to mention this. I mean to get suggestions on non-support picks to pick up and OTP.
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