SummonersLab, Part 10: General Improvements (1)

Welcome back! It's been a rather long time since the last part of this series, but I assure it was worth the wait. I can happily announce the 2nd part for "General Improvement". I can't make promises on the exact release date yet, but it is planned to be finished around wednesday. Without further ado, let's jump straight back into the wonderful world of crazy ideas and math! :D Currently those are the topics and their links: _SummonersLab, **The Introduction**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 1: **An additional Crit Item**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 2: **Crit Algorithm Improvement**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 3: **Tower Changes**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 4: **Ohmwrecker**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 5: **Support Role Improvement(1)**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 6: **Wits End**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 7: **Smite Buffs**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 8: **Plants**_ [Here]( _SummonersLab, Part 9: ** Support Role Improvement (2)** _ [Here]( _ SummonersLab, Part 10: **General Improvements (1)**_ [Here]( _ SummonersLab, Part 11: ** General Improvements (2)**_ [Here]( Ill put links to the posts here, so you can easily view all of them. ____ Today we will look at these topics: - Champion select - Spectate high elo games - Items: - Doran's Ring - Lord Dominik's Regards - Autobuy/Advanced Itemshop - Inconsistencies: - Cait Traps - Vayne Q Crit - Attack speed fall-off And as a small teaser, here are the already planned topics for the 2nd part: - 99LP -> 100LP - IP reduction for S/S+ on not-owned champs - showing actual Armor Penetration - Zoom out - Aatrox Q-flash combo - The hitbox inconsistency with circular abilities - Towers - (Balance: Lethality) This part of the SummonersLab Series is different than the parts before, we have a lot more ideas but not as detailed/in-depth and they are way more controversial! So if you dislike all the ideas except for one, then please write down the one you like. A comment that about the ideas you didn't like so much, and why you didn't like them, would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance! --- #1. Champion select We could improve this with 2 simple changes: _I) Show the primary role picked_ Sometimes the roles get messed up. An example of this would be a jungle main getting mid, while the midlaner gets jungle. If we, the players, had the ability to see the role of our teammates, especially the primary role, then it would be a lot easier to swap roles in champion select. If you give the players more information, then they can fix stuff that got messed up by the system a lot faster and easier. We'd just need a tiny icon of their primary role, next to the name, and everything would go a lot smoother. _II) The option make a preference to exclude a role if you pick fill_ Since autofill is always enabled everyone should at least have the ability to exclude their least favorite role. First off, there were some testing on a 100% exclusion on the LAS/LAN servers in the Pre-season. This FAILED because the queue times suffered. I asked about exact numbers and how often Support was the excluded role, but I sadly didn't get an answer... But it is very likely that the Support role was excluded in at least 90%ish of all cases. So why do i bring this back up? A 100% exclusion may have failed, but what about making this into a "preference", so not a 100% exclusion? Every role requires a different skillset: - Top laners splitpushing and flanking - Junglers mapawareness and timing - Mid laners mechanics and roaming - ADC's positioning and kiting - Supports map-awareness and protecting/engaging Et cetera, the list goes on and on. Very rarely will you find a person being able to do all of these things on the same, or at least a reasonable, level. This is especially bad in high elo. Often do you find high elo (Diamond) ADC's, who only performs on a Platinum or Gold level in midlane, midlane beeing their worst role. If they get put there, they can prepare to get eaten alive by the enemy... So I'd say that excluding your worst role is actually very healthy for the game and the balance of matches. Although heres the big **BUT**: since Support will get excluded mostly and the queue times would suffer too much (from Riots point of view) if its a 100% safe exclusion, we need bring it down into atleast a preference! This way we can get a healthier game with better matches, even when we can't exclude a role 100%. Although this'd also show that we would wait a bit longer to not get this role, as it is our worst role. --- #2. Spectate high elo games A long time ago the client featured a couple of high elo games in the bottom right and if you found a champion you like/want to learn about or just check out what high elo guys do different than you, you jumped right in. I dont know why it got removed, the news must have gone past me, I personally liked it a lot, as it was useful and interesting to learn from those players! Additionally to the "just random high elo games featured", there should be a filter for champions and we'd be ready to go! Pretty self-explanatory. --- #3. Items: **Doran's Shield** If we take a look at all the starting items we see that we have extremely stat-efficient Doran's items, but they are bad in terms off slot-efficiency, as you can't upgrade them/build anything out of them. They also only sell for 30% of the buying price, rather than the normal 70%. But wait, all of them? No, Doran's Shield is underperforming a lot and is far behind its AD and AP variants. So we need to give it a hand and give tanky dudes an actually useful starting item. _HP:_ 80 -> 100 _HPReg:_ 6 flat -> 6 flat or 50% BaseHP Regen, if 50% is higher. _Extra:_ +5 Armor & Magic Resist _Passive:_ Either 10 dmg reduction from every source OR 12 from ranged AAs, but still only 8 dmg reduction from melee AAs and single-target abilities. It would now be better vs AD, AP and mixed dmg, and it also gives a bit more later with the 50% base HP Regen, like the 3% LS and the 50% Mana Regen from the other items. This make this item 134% effective without its passive. Doran's Blade has a 134% cost-efficiency and Doran's Ring 184% wihout its passive. So it'd inbetween those two. ____ **Lord Dominik's Regards** First off, I claim that this item is a bit too strong and not focused enough on full tanks. Looking at the current stage of the game tho, I recognize that a damage nerf is not desperately needed at this point in time. And can be delayed untill the overall burst settles down and we have a bit longer, less snowbally games. Nevertheless, this item should get the damage nerf as soon as the circumstances allow it. Why would I believe that? Because this item shreds full tanks out of existence. Literally. Or better: removes half of their item slots, which is just a tiny tiny bit too much... I have a small TL:DR for this chapter, so you dont need to read this huge wall of text ;P I'll of course provide the math to show you that I'm not spouting nonsense over here, don't you worry! Lethality or ArmorPen increase mainly the burst vs low armor targets aka squishies. Crit, paired with attack speed through items, increases the overall DPS a lot and gives decent burst additionally too, however it takes far more gold to get to a reliable level of crit compared to the Lethality build. Items like Black Cleaver and Last Whisper + upgrades are meant to increase the DPS vs tanks. Since the change from overall ArmorPen to Bonus ArmorPen on the Last Whisper + its upgrades, it helps against tanks or full tanks only. Or this is what it "should" be doing. Let's assume someone has 400 Armor (300 Bonus Armor, 100 Base Armor). This provides an 80% reduction. If we assume a 100% critchance with IE, your AD is basically "increased" by x2.5 (250%). This means your attacks do 50% of your "normal" AD, since it is still an 80% reduction (x1/5). So far so good, now we get ourself the Lord Dominik's: Lets say 50% bonus ArPen, so we have 250 Armor left, which brings the 80% reduction down to 71%. And now the 15% increase. This technically brings us down to a mere 66% reduction. So we went from 0.5 or 50% of our base AD to ~0.8 or 80% of our base AD. _Lord Dominiks lowered the 80% reduction to 66% reduction._ This sounds completely fine, right? Nothing crazy strong, as it is just a mere 14% increase... But wait a minute... to achieve a 66% reduction we only need to get 200 Armor. But to get an 80% reduction we need 400! So we need to get 300 armor from items in total (assuming you have 100 base Armor), which takes up 4 item slots at the bare minimum! Normally it takes 5 slots or more to get 300 Armor. Considering one item slot is taken up by boots, which is not the best armor item, this slot can be counted as half an armor item. To put everything together we need at least 4 item slots, likely 5. And Lord Dominiks negates 3 or MORE of them. Not every item has HP or MR on top of Armor, so this 2700G cheap item negates 3 itemslots vs a full tank with 400Armor. **1 single item removes half of your item slots**. Let that sink in for a second.... Yes, it "only" gives 50AD, not 60-70, and yes it is meant to be powerful against full tanks and not so powerful against squishies, but as you can see it does its job too efficiently. Removing half the inventory of a full tank, because of 1 item is simply too strong! But this is not the trickiest part! ADC's and Assassin's both have low max HP, anyone that buys an item with more than 300 HP or has scaling HP runes, will take the full 15% increased dmg! 15% more Dmg against other squishies is unacceptable! This is neither the purpose of Lord Dominiks, nor just a tiny increase, this is an extremely big one. This needs to be changed as soon as possible. Increasing the needed HP difference to 1000HP is highly recommended! A flat nerf of the % increase is also needed, but in the current burst meta this'd not be a good idea. If this settles down, and we have longer, less snowballing games, then we can lower the % damage. If you have doubts or questions regarding the math I'd be happy to assist you, this is already way too long and I still haven't given you all the details. To make it clear: **This is not meant to be a flatout nerf to adcs!** The % increase simply affects the wrong targets and it is overall too effective against full tanks. But the effectiveness vs tanks should be tackled at earliest when the burst meta changes. Otherwise it would be too strong a nerf. The main "buff" ADCs currently need is that the games have to go at a slower pace, thus less snowballing games. --- **The small TL;DR** 400 Armor(100 base + 300 bonus) = 80% reduction / 0.2 of your AD as Dmg 100% Crit+IE = still 80% reduction / 0.5 of your AD as Dmg (AD got multiplied by 2.5) Lord Dominiks: 80% reduction -> 66% reduction / 0.5 -> 0.8 AD, which equals: 400 Armor -> 200 Armor aka 2-3 item slots "lost"! or in other words, 4000g worth of raw Armor wasted. (Thormail has 2000g worth of Armor) This is too much. A small nerf is needed. Finally, the nerfs: I) Lowering the 15% increased dmg to 10%. This would be the most optimal nerf, but currently we shouldnt do this, II) Increasing the HP difference to 1000 HP from 500 HP. Like I mentioned Lord Dominiks should increase the damage vs tanks and full tanks. ADCs and especially Assassins/Bursters have low max HP, grating them access to the VERY powerfull 15% increase against anyone that buys 1 item with a tiny bit of HP! This is not what Lord Dominiks should be bought for! I would like to see option I) in the long run sometime soon, but its too harsh today. However option II) should be done without delay. --- #4. "AutoBuy"/Advanced Itemshop This feature would add: I) If you return to base, the selected item should be bought instantly, provided you have enough gold (which can still be undone if you want to spend the gold on something else). II) Put bought items in selected slots, so maybe Hydra in the 6th slot. You can choose the position of the items by selecting a block from the (custom-) Item Sets. (Either give the block a specific name or "mark" the block, the items are not locked in place, so you can still reposition them). III) If you have an item selected, for example Trinity Force, it should tell you when you are 500g short or have enough to buy it. Furthermore a feature could be implemented to remind you every time you have more than 1000g, compared to the initial goal, if you still werent back, but this is highly optional and does not need to be implemented. This information should be displayed as a small text message in the chat. Like: "missing 500g for Trinity Force" or "GA purchasable/can be bought". IV) Limited to 1 item at the time, but trinkets can always be marked even when a item is selected. Same with Elixirs, which additionally can be auto refreshed (only re-buys the Elixir when 30 seconds have passed on the duration). "Special Upgrades" such as GP's ultimate upgrades can be selected too. In which situations could this "AutoBuy" help/be of use? I) If you, for example, want to swap your trinket at level 9, but you currently are too busy to recall. Sometime later, for example around level 10, you finally recall. You have by now forgotten that you wanted to buy your trinket, and only realise that you didn't buy it once you get into lane. This could lead to frustration, frustration which could be easily avoided by implementing this feature. II) You can influence where your items go when you buy them/finish them, but sometimes you can't or would need to rearrange your items, which also could be prevented by selecting a lay-out of items at the start. III) You may know the total price and the price of the components, but if you have 1 component already the price could be a lot different and you may not know them 100%, a small reminder shows you how far you are still off, without checking the store. This could also help you remind what your current gold is at, especially at times when you forget to check it or paid too little attention to it. IV) You can pick/swap trinkets automatically, while still having the main focus on a specific item. This is an example of a selected "block", which places bought items automaticaly into the determent slots. Overall just a couple of small improvements, useful for new and even for more experienced Summoners. --- #5. Inconsistencies: Today we look at 3 inconsistencies that should not exist, because, like Riot often claims, it decreases the clarity, intuitivity and overall "smoothness" of the game. While there are examples where they shouldnt have "smoothed" it out, like the tower changes, there are cases which should be brought back into line. We will look at Vayne's Q (Tumble), Cait's W (Her traps) and Attack Speed fall-offs. As a disclaimer, this should not just be a "nerf them" topic, this should only bring outliers back into line of the others. **Vayne's Q:** Vayne's Q, "Tumble", modifies her next Auto Attack to do an additional 30-50%AD, depending on rank, but this extra damage also can crit. Only Static Shiv's active, along with Master Yi's Alpha Strike and Garen's Spin to Win... uhh Judgement, which both have very special crit interactions, additional damage from abilities is not able to crit. Things like Yasuo's Q or GP's Q can crit too, but the crit does not interact with the additional damage. There is no reason that would justify her additional damage to be able to crit, whereas hundreds of others abilities while dont the same, they are not allowed to crit. This also shifted her role from a late game, tank nightmare & DPS machine to a critting, one-shotting assassin. So bring her Q back in line, with a small compensation buff for it's fine. **Cait's W:** Like Vayne's Q, you may already know about Cait's infamous Traps under YOUR tower. But like Vayne's Q, I'll show you why this shouldnt be like it is currently. Lets take a look at other traps or abilities near enemy towers. All invisible, enemy traps, stealthed and camouflaged champions are revealed near your towers, additionally Azir's soldiers and Ivern's bushes have a decreased duration, not to mention that they are completely visible near them. Pets are normally either one-shotted or get focused by towers. Only Nidalee's and Caitlyn's traps are not influenced by towers. But Cait can safely outrange the tower, while Nidalee needs to jump on you, into the tower range, to make good use of her trap. So either reduce the duration of the traps by 50% like Azir's soldiers or maybe even not allow her to place traps directly next to an active enemy tower at all. Both can be justified with logical reasons, but atleast one of them should be done! Extra: On the PBE Nida's traps will be changed to act like Jhin traps: invisible and 3 HP. **Attack Speed fall offs:** This one is pretty simple, if something is based on a stack system, utilizing Auto Attacks, they should not just fall off instantly, but decay. Jinx, Jax and Ashe, just to name some examples, are using this principle. It seem like Volibear's W just got overlooked. Changing it to the decay system should not be to difficult. But we also have Wits End and Guinsoo's Rageblade, those fall off instantly aswell, which should also be changed. This buff should not be to troublesome. ----- **TL:DR:** - show primary role in champ select - set a preference to soft exclude a role(this is not a 100% exclude, you can still get the role) - bring back HighElo Spectate in the client + champion filter - **Items:** - **Dorans Shield:** - HP: 80->100 - HP5: 6Flat-> 6 flat OR 50% BaseHP 5, higher value picked. - Additional: 5 Armor & MR - Passive: either 10 reduction from every source OR 12 from ranged and 8 from melee and single target. - **Lord Dominiks Regard** - A bit too efficient vs full tanks/not focused enough on full tanks. - HP difference: 500HP -> 1000HP. - Later, after the Burst Meta settles down: 15% -> 10%. - ** "AutoBuy"/Advanced Itemshop:** - The ability to select wanted items/item locations. - Progress updates and autobuy when back at base. - Helps with "forgot to upgrade/swap trinket" and with timing backports more efficiently. - ** Inconsistencies:** - Remove ability to critical strike from the additional damage of Vayne's Tumble. A small compensation could be given. - Cait cant place traps and/or the duration is reduced by 50% near activ enemy towers. - Volibears, Wits Ends and Rageblades Stacks should decay, not instantly falloff --- Thank you for staying with me until the end! You did well, surviving this long wall of text. If you saw something you liked, even if it's only one thing, comment it down below so I can see which ideas are well received and which are not. This part is far more controversial so you may or may not like a lot of these ideas! If you are unhappy or dislike them, tell me why and we could then alter them together. I hope you enjoyed the trip into the depths of maths once again, stay tuned for the next part, the topics might still vary a bit, but it is 100% safe that it will be another huge wall of text! So look forward to it :D A special thanks to Gavin GuiIe, who was so kind to spell check most of this, which likely took a decent chunk of sanity and caused a lot of gray hairs, while correcting my mistakes :P You can find all parts of this series ether by clicking on the links or searching for "SummonersLab" in the search box at the top left. See you on the rift, in the comments or in the next part of this series :D
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