Poppy Charges into uselessness

{{champion:78}} a late game beast hard to control at early game since its so fragile transforms gets a brand new kit that looks shinny and pretty much useless. No seriously {{champion:78}} is my main i used to be a force to be reckoned with and now shes just.....garbage, lets take a look at her: Passive: the only good and fun thing about the remake although totally useless in team fights cause you are not going to chase the shield when you need to kill something. Q: ok decent granted but it will probably only hit once before you die. W: very shinny but doesn't offer decent protection, while it can prevent some dashes the most important ones (Malphite) it doesn't do a damn shit when you actually need it, the only good thing in team fights i ever used this is to prevent a rengar from one shooting my adc and even so i have to stay behind waiting for the damn cat to jump. E: same as always, deals more damage and can chain with Q thats nice but the way poppy is made now you need to hit it to actually matter, on open space its just useless, on old poppy it could be used as a gap closer to kill somebody on new poppy you can use as a gap closer to hit a Q and run around doing NOTHING. Ult: shinny beautiful and useless, in lane its actually good you can turn a gank into something positive but what about the rest? anything can stop this ult, she gets slower when she starts to cast so any enemy can step in and stun/shield whatever, a sivir/fiora/noc can just be ahead and block it THERE useless, hitting it without charging only HELPS the enemy team most of the time and even if you charge it tottaly its so slow people can just dodge it (even bronzes, yes i did the experiment on a friends account) Its just pains me to see my favorite charger into a beast that would charge 1vs5 and wreck everything to a cute little beast that charges in 1vs2 and gets kited to death if she doesnt hit anybody with E, ive had over 80 games with her over the remake and didnt manage to carry a single game by myself, and sometimes i would get out of lane 6/0, ive tried every possible build and even abused the thunderlords to my favor and still its a no go.
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