The curve drop rate on key fragments is unhealthy, it should be limited (like Chests)

Just met a salty Lee Sin main in unranked, he was "working on key fragments". "Working" One key costs approximately 1€, who the f*ck is going to spend hours on LoL with the mindset of "working on keys". Even a tramp makes more money to purchase 10x more keys from the store than by "farming key fragments". --- From the Support : > We wanted to give players who didn't play as frequently a good drop rate for keys, without making it feel like farming was mandatory if you wanted keys. Well, here's someone farming key fragments at 02:00 am. This thing needs a sub-limit (daily, weekly, i dunno). A hyperbola rate is toxic. Could be something more or less complex, such as, no more keys after X victories in the same day. No keys today was a bad day. (Don't argue about this example, it's just brainstorming).

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