So again i've come to the boards to tell that riot games dont listen to its playerbase

So my post here on the forum had 3k views and yet riot games didnt come to actually give me an answer for my question so here i am again "WHEN WILL RIOT GAMES FIX THEIR GAME HITBOXES?" its about time to fix this aspect of the game... these hitboxes are broken they have alot of problems and with every new patch a new hitbox bug appear i dont know how but hey ..... i dont need to post any proof here since there are many but many proofs online why does riot games responde to posts like "AP Twisted fate seems kinda weak" or " which winrate is good for my main champion" instead of actually looking into posts like this which are way more important than your god damn winrate srly riot games you guys think you can just cover your problems by using tft but that wont work trust me..... fix your game first think about skins and gamemodes after fixing the game .

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