Is Yasuo really that hard?

I hear so many people say that Yasuo is an extremely hard champion in terms of mechanics as well as decision making. But I don't understand why. I know that he has to make a lot of decisions in a very short time (super short cooldowns) and I do think that this makes him difficult in that sense but doesn't that also make champions like Rengar, Akali, Soraka or Katarina difficult? I think the only reason why Yasuo is not called a buttonmash champion by everyone is because he's one of if not the most popular champion in League and that's why there's so many people who defend him. Also I don't understand what's so hard about Yasuo's mechanics... Passive: Doesn't really have a mechanic unless you think walking around for his shield counts Q: His regular Q is a skillshot (I guess?). Skillshots are supposed to have a high cooldown so that it matters if you miss it, right? Therefore I don't understand what's so difficult about that part of his Kit. Tornado: A long range skillshot that can't be spammed. Isn't that all we want? It would be, but you can also use it in conbination with his E, making it a point and click knockup with a combo that is easy as hell to pull off while there's no way for an immobile champion to dodge the knockup unless you waste flash for something thats gonna kill you in 4 to 10 seconds anyway. W: What's so hard about putting your mouse cursor at a certain spot and pressing W? I don't get it. E: Once again all you need to do is spam e in order to make any enemy skillshort a hell to hit or in order to go faster than Pikachu on steroid crack speed R: Probably the hardest part of his kit since you can't just use it at any time you want (depends on your team comp though) I'm NOT saying that Yasuo is a noob champ all I'm saying is that I don't get what makes him a difficult champion. It would be nice if someone who does not main or hate Yasuo could explain why he is considered super hard to play by so many people. Also compare his decision making to the following champions: Rengar, Soraka, Katarina and then explain why these champs are known for being really easy while Yasuo gets away with saying he's difficult. Feel free to point out parts of his kit that require good mechanics to pull off correctly (maybe I missed something idk)
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