The New Game Mode

Well I am having fun with the new game mode Yea something i didn't feel while playing this game for long time but the thing is the RNG in this game mode is So God Damn bad like really i wanna make the Yordil Buff got the 6 of them and can't get any one of them to level 2 Like Really can't roll and roll and roll and roll and roll and roll and get nothing not in one game but in more like 6 games the same thing yea i got it 1 time and i won the game and also about the stage when we go and start killing Jungle Mobs how the fk i can go from stage 1 to stage 6 with 0 items other than the items that i get every now and then when the champions roll and all run to get some champs or items like for real i can't even get to level 2 with my Champs and with no items i ill never win on the other hand good RNG for the Best player who didn't lose any point till Stage 5 or 6 got like 8 full items not like belt and will upgrade it Full items like {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3172}} {{item:3046}} and so on like how the fk i can get to able to live not beat when the RNG in this mode is so bad like it can be when a player have low points items drops chance get higher the champs that he placed on the field start to get to him so he can at least do something not like you will not be able to level up your champs or even get items when i see that i most of the times quit the match and start a new one so please try to fix this RNG and yea with the RNG that we got now it will never be good in Ranked that will be soon on the PBE
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