More mastery levels?

There were talks about adding more mastery levels but nothing so far, and it's been a while. Some people have an upwards of a million mastery points and nothing to show for it and lvl 7 is nothing impressive anymore as it's rly easy to get... 20k (or was it 25, doesn't matter) for lvl 5 is a joke, and lvl 6 and 7 can be reached with a couple of good games. I have Jinx on lvl 7 with 39k mastery points and you're saying I'm going to have the exact same lvl 7 banner as on my 550k Jhin? I literally have nothing to show my dedication to the champ except a name change. It's such a simple thing that wouldn't hurt to add yet it would rekindle my will to play this game, but all I'm getting instead is more "balance changes" that are doing more harm than good and new champs that are annoying to play against.
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