sugesstion about "mikael's crucible" item

i've been playing this game for 4-5 years now and for real, as an adc main, the supports that buy "mikael's crucible" are very very very rare + its hard for some players to react fast enough to remove the cc off their adc, thats why i think in bronze to gold or even plat elo supports barley buy this item . and since the new runes and masteries have come to season 8 i've noticed there something that's called "tenacity" an idea has popped on my mind on suggesting that why dont riot make this item "mikael's crucible" just like "zekes" and "knight's vow" where u can use the item on your adc and it will stack as long as the support is close to the adc, but instead of actulaly removing all the cc with one click (which most of the supports usually dont have time to react) just make it that it gives the adc some "tenacity". now ofcourse it needs alot of study so it can be balanced and maybe my idea may lead to some other problems ingame which i dont know . but i just wana share my thought and see what other people think about it. thanks for reading.

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