Yasuo...Is this really fair?

Im a yasuo main and Im no where near the best but i do feel like this nerf they are bringing is a little unfair. This is purely under the premises that yasuo had a really bad win rate before the new trinity and to be honest wasnt played at all. Now that he has had a high win rate for 1 or 2 weeks and is actually seeing some play they are nerfing him immediately. I mean ive played and lost plenty of matches as yasuo he isnt a 1 vs 5 monster that everyone pretends him to be. He generally dies first and when hes full tank he relies on his team for damage that he cant bring to the table with the tank build. He isnt an Ekko who can pretty much burst an adc with a full tank build or a voli bear. He isnt rengar who can touch an ADC and kill them; he has plenty of counters in lane like riven and darius. So from my perspective he, even with this new build, is pretty normal and just as 'almost' unplayable as ever. The only things that have changed is the items. So why not nerf the items? or simply keep the changes. It would maker a lot more sense. I mean on top of all that it took Riot like 6 month to make any changes to tank ekko and hes still broken as fuck and even a priority pick in most cases. I really do feel like there is a lot of prejudice towards yasuo {{champion:157}}

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