Are we really in a "Tank Meta"?

So I've been a bit confused by people complaining about "Cinderhulk" this and "Tanks broken" that, but in the matches I've been having, if Gragas and Sejuani are banned (and in over 60% of all games everywhere both are) who do you see jungle? Do you see Malphite? Rammus? Nautilus? Maokai? Zac? Shen? Take a look below and arrange by "play percentage": This paints the picture I've actually been seeing. So long as the 2 "OP" tanks are banned, we get the same boring choices we've always seen. Lee Sin, Vi, Nidalee, Rek'Sai, Shaco hell even J4 and Evelynn; champions a lot of Streamers and Pros say are "out of meta" with better pick rates and some better winrates than all the other tanks outside of Seju and Gragas. So how, therefore, can we be in a "boring tank meta" when the only 2 tanks really picked in jungle are banned in over half of your games and the others have half the pickrate in some cases as the most popular junglers right now? I think the frustrations you're feeling are actually something Riot designed Cinderhulk to NOT do, and something I can sympathize with. Top winrate builds on Rek'Sai, Evelynn and occasionally Lee Sin include Cinderhulk. An item that Riot went out of their way to make Tanks stronger and tried desperately to render useless to these early game damage bruiser champions is still being used on those champions more than the intended champs (other than fatty and boar girl) are picked. These guys will do their damage, snowball and scale into unkillable problems late game. They don't have the CC of a tank, but hey why not be just as unkillable and have a sunfire passive with better damage right? What I draw from this is that Cinderhulk...actually failed to do it's job. Why are Seju and Gragas so strong with it? Perhaps because their kits actually have great synergy with it in terms of their damage. Hell Sion was starting to get better in the jungle than top with Cinderhulk until they nerfed W and now look at how far his winrate dropped. If more tanks had HP scaling abilities, perhaps then the item would have more worth on them than the now 4000HP Lee Sin with a Ravenous Hydra or Black Cleaver. Just my 2 cents, getting tired of players parroting Gbay or Phy and spreading animosity at something that anyone can prove doesn't exist if you just look at the stats. With love. TheLivingAegis {{item:3105}} {{champion:111}} {{summoner:21}}

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