League of Coinflip! xDDDD

Dont let anyone tell u any different haha! Dont get mad the game is desinged to keep u playing and keep u grinding as thats money for riot. Every game is a coinflip now doesnt matter how well u play its a coinflip dont let these stupid PROGUIDES or High elo players tell you otherwise haha! There going to say that they are high elo!! There not going to turn around and say meh no the games just a coinflip lmao honestly this season is beyond garbage... Personally i dont even have fun when winning now you have to play 20 games to get one enjoyable one its so god damn bad haha... Was lucky enough to play a brilliant close game yesteday was my first in ages back and forwards.. But jeeeeeeez every other game i literally just play for my mastery points on zoe now cause my elo doesnt even intrest me i literally dont care every games like meh thats a extra 1000 mastery points awful awful awful... I mean we got soroka top FFS xDDDDDD And guess what there buffing sett hahahahaha!!! Like wtf tell me thats not just to sell more skins lmfao... RIP league of legends seaosn 10 is the end i think xd
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