Who wants a champion or skin? Im in the mood of giving :)

I recently bought about 8000 RP my very first purchase I see no reason why i should be stingy with all of it, I have gifted some people ingame now I would like to make some random people happy maybe? I have about 2500 left so no limit on what you want I prefer you to be in EUW i think i can only gift people in EUW only Tell me what champ/skin you want and why. You can only pick one coz I want to gift as many people as I can Happy Easter everyone have a jolly fun day on the Fields of Justice P.S if we happen to be in the same match randomly just tell me in the match and I may gift you ;) UPDATE Sorry guys I have run out of RP :) I am only left with 450 RP so if you have a particular skin with that much RP let me know :( I well use this same thread to gift you guys once I get RP back again, I know those I have already gifted :) Sorry for that Have a good one Cheers
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