Very unskiled players

This game have no sense seriously.Im plat and i play this game for a while and all i see are bad very unskiled players..They win only if they get fed thats all they want kils to carry etc etc..EX:more of my games 1 of them got bot adc that died x7 times in 5 mins...and is plat....Same think again next game then next game enemy team got it...I dont understand this is a lucky game or the team with more luck thats pretty obvious..Sometimes i see some good players that even them lose their minds to carry such feders.I could understand if was bronze..but is plat and still bad people.1 of my friend got diamond ofc not alone he did premade if never reach more.So got diamond and asked him if is better..He told me that is really bad always unskiled players even in diamond and you have to carry them.This is not a joke.Why ranked system exist if in almost all elos are the same problem.Win the 1 with luck or better champs thats all.Unskiled players evrywhere and you have to carry them all the time and you cant..The only way to carry its just do 1v5 so all depends on you..Useless to say o no ward that do that ...I always did sometimes i play so good that even i scarry my self but carry so bad people just tilt you so mutch..So riot dont want to do nothing about it...Actually i rather prefer have full flamers and afkers then feders..We did better 4v5 then 5v5 with that adc bot that died so mutch.And the big problem is happens all the time if not my team then enemy..So there is no skils just luck to get wins thats all..Another example is bubba kush amazing player still silver2..And that guy got more skils then a diamond player.Or Azot is still diamond but amazing player..Gripex too still diamond get even demoted to d5 a lot of time..its easy to mantain 1 elo not big deal..And still this nice players are in same elos and i watch them and i see that even them cant carry so bad players..So what is to do???The only way to move forward is just to do 1v5 thats all i got..Unskiled players that fed too mutch they just be placed in lower elos not to be boosted or just have the luck to reach that diamond.
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