Wtf is wrong with LB ?

its just ... wtf ? , im Vel'koz .. and he .. no w8 , lb players cant be called humans anymore , It -Leblanc , here what heapens Me. Farming Leblanc :starts engage misses W misses E than she just do 1 Q than the Ult Q and i was like below 65 % of my Max health , wtf is this Rito ? , i cant even dodge this shity damage anymore -.- even if i build mr it brings nothing , ( She was freaken lv.6 and didnt even had an item finished jet ) so , if you call this balanced than youre totaly in the wrong game (dont take the top there to serious , its just a joke) i mean wtf , im sick and trigered , i could make Popcorn on my head if i see this , that i dodge every ability and than she does this retarded damage just with 2 Q's and 1 auto atack no realy , nerf or hotfix this champ , thats just unfair 1 like a prayr {{item:3070}}
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