Honour and Reports?

Does getting a lot of positive honour delays a ban if you did some nasty things? After 10 hours of playing ARURF for 1 champion, my patience ran out (_And no, I couldn't play it in normal because its a top laner and its a character not fit to play in the style I wanted in normal matches, which would result in ruining game for others_). So I wrote 6-7 lanes of racist things and drunk death threats, but none were targeted at other players. (_mostly at Ritto, but you don't really think I find MG42 7.92×57mm on a street_). Overall, I was very positive player, improved a lot... got a lot of feedback that Im positive and weird. Yet, few reports from 1 game and I get 14 days off. I even tried to stay positive after Morgana from my lane was carrying bombs at me and couldn't do anything because they were 4 premades. (_So only I got reported in the end_) Just a hint, improve your RNG Riot, because its kinda **REALLY** frustrating to play ARURF for 10 hours and not get a champion you want (nor anyone else in your team).

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