Season 5 changes have made League incredibly bland, dull, and long-lasting.

Every Season has had a meta of sorts. I get that games have to keep fresh, but League is having a different problem altogether. In League, keeping fresh is essentially just switching around the picks that are god-tier, cycling a new pile of fresh things, about 10-20 champions, while the rest are kept forgotten and unplayed. Every Season, that has been present, but it has never really been that mandatory. You could pick anything, and if you exceled at it you would be rewarded in at least some way. Enter Season 5, where the meta shifts towards late-game team comps, broken picks, and synergy between the two. Right now, picking a synergizing comp, or one of the few select broken picks is mandatory to victory, not picking those or leaving them unbanned is an automatic loss. I'm not joking - the gap between the best and the mediocre picks is so great I'm getting sick of it. For a long time, I haven't left any game, now I repeatedly do, simply because it's ridiculously anti-fun to play against those comps over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again - so why play if it's annoying you? The game's sickening me to the point I'm literally beginning to drop it, the game that I've been playing for multiple years, I'm beginning to lose interest in it. Games today are incredibly bland. You always see Annie, Gnar, Graves/Jinx, Lissandra, Malphite, Yasuo, Nidalee, Fizz, Katarina, the jungler is always Lee Sin, J4, or Vi, and I could list on, but you do get my point. The games are stretching into length, and that's not helping either. Even a complete trashing and stomp lasts 30-35 minutes, which is literally a disgusting increase in time taken to complete a single game. The game has become more "strategically diverse", as Riot would say, the interface has been vastly improved, new champions are shinier than ever, but in the midst of all that, you forgot something. The game is losing the fun-factor to it. The emphasis on your skill with a certain pick is replaced by owning a pick that is vastly more powerful. The feeling that you did something good is overshadowed because someone else can produce results twice as good with half the effort. The game has 120+ champions. But if you want to do anything, you will pick from the pool of ~25 best ones. The game has many different options of building and you could do anything, anywhere. But if you don't want to get destroyed and/or bullied, you will stick to a meta that has not changed in years. The game has always been changing, but never have the changes done such a bad impact on playability and the fun-factor as they have now. Feel free to disagree with me, as I already imagine you will, but here's the way I see things, and disproving my thesis with good arguments is very welcome. Cheers, ~MK
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