How to fix the support items in their current states

I have been seeing quite a lot of boards posts lately regarding the support item changes, and of course, most of the negative, and they mostly critique the removal of the gold income after 1k gold earned from support items Give the fully upgraded support items {{item:3853}} {{item:3864}} {{item:3857}} {{item:3860}} the old {{item:3305}} passive while removing the mana coin part of the passive. It means that supports still have some sort of gold income after they earn their 1k gold, while also making it fair for both support items. Before the changes it was borderline impossible to get {{item:3308}} stacks off, as your teammates would pretty much always one shot waves, whereas it was super easy to get {{item:3310}} stacks, as farming did not hurt stack generation. One way of making sure that players with the item who farm more than 2 waves per 3 minutes get reduced amounts of gold from the coins for a short time interval I have put a poll down below just to get the general opinion of you guys out there
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