This game is becoming UNPLAYABLE! Matchmaking is so bad, Champ balance is even worse and there comes the baning system who will give you a 100% punish if you upset some premades, even calling them low words, like noobs are making this game witch was something fun in the past into something that you hate. Matching: How am I supose to get LP if I'm g3 and all I'm matched with silvers? MMR- How da fcuuuk is MMR working if you set me up with 4 silvers and two of them play a champ for the first time or just trolling for fun. LOOK AT MY GODAMN history: ASHE-TOP: lost-end score 0-8. WHY? I Banned her in the hope that I won't meet her again...Secong game SHE WAS IN MY TEAM! DOING DARIUS-solo laning while teamfights. LOST AGAIN! Why MMR set me up with them? I'm not such a bad player!! My kda Is pretty damn good every game! Or one of my last guy DC min 1 so we couldn't remake followed by a rage quit same game. Why? OOOO yeah and MMR works like this -20 +18 so you need to win every game to grow means you have to CARRY but how you can carry a troll who ignores you on advises and does a troll pick just because he is called inexperienced or just cause so? Cause he wants to test champs in rankeds. How about CHAMPION BALANCE?? I am done playing on this account for a while so I changed to my main acc-Plat3. My main champs on mid were banned so I thought I should Talyah even is not between my mains. I were playing vs a Kata main but I was outfarming and zoning her so she defended and waited for ganks. She got them, I died 2 times, she got a kill and one assist so she had money for her first item but so did I because I was farming much better. 2dorans + Ludens echo I had. She got Hex-tech gun-blade. Second time we meet in lane she just 1 shot me.. Q/E/W and a small part of R, not even fully necessary. How am I suppose to carry?How am I suppose to stay in lane if she can 1 shot me? I had 2 dorans and Luden's Echo. I thought we are balanced and I am a bit more tanky so she can't touch me that easily but she 1 shot me with one fking item. Game is changing, every patch, but not in something better, it's just changing.... They don't give a damn about what it matters, after we all spend learning and improving or a way of playing or selecting a champ... they took most of the stuff runes and masteries, champ remakes, champ restores after remakes(LB who's remake was shlt so they gave us the one who was played back) and stuff like so Instead of focusing improving buggs/crashes, maybe getting community ideas and votes before adding something new. They just doing changes every patch but 0 improving, just changing. MMR- Expecting to improve your MMR with trolls or Lower tier allies BUT they destroy Champ balance so you WON'T BE ABLE to do nothing vs a full team of enemies same lvl as you but Broken champs fed by trolls allies. AMAZING FUTURE League will have. Even Faker said it : -Solo Queue is depresing and makes you hate it. I guess I'll join the ones who left the game in the nearby future...

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