Boards moderators should've become more strict

Look how many threads there are about placement matches! - I was diamond previous season now I am gold rito wtf? - I was silver 3 now I am bronze 5, rito wtf? - I was gold 1 and now I am silver 4, rito wtf? In 2 or 3 weeks we will watch "Jhin OP, NERF!!!" threads ... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} You think somebody cares? NO, I don't, most people don't. If you don't belong there you will get out fast, if you do belong there then the pointless QQ thread won't change much. @Boards moderators If these pointless threads MUST exist can you, PLEASE, then at least create some category like "QQ threads" or something because I come to boards to discuss about champions, gameplay maybe learn something new, I guarantee you I'm not here to read how some champion should be nerfed because someone just lost against it or how someone doesn't belong in X elo. Thank you!
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