Ranked system sucks

After going 7-3 in placements i ended up in bronze 2. Right now i am in gold 2 (this itself shows how big of a joke it is). During this climb only 2 things changed - less flaming (still a lot though) and overall mechanical skill of players (but not as much as you would expect). Now what hasn't changed: The games are still jokes- players picking full ad team into rammus; players diving at lvl2; players losing 1v1 and flaming jungler for the lost lane; Almost all games are one sided and if the game takes longer than 30 minutes it means that one of the teams is just simply unable to close out. Since i read other posts here i can safely assume i am not the only one who experiences games like this. Just wonder if RIOT decides to fix stuff (and while they are at it they could fix the incredible amount of bugs too).
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