I feel sad... I just do not feel like playing anymore.

I'm sorry but this preseason has lost my attention and respect to Riot as they have gone completely AD/Tower Dive happy. Tower dives are stupidly easy to do and even if the AD carry (Being ADC/Assassin/AD Bruiser etc) dies, they are GOING to get better items and an earlier powerspike regardless of what you do. There is just no way to disadvantage an AD champion outside of them feeding. Playing with a degree of safety is not an option anymore because tower dives are so easy at the moment. Tons of these champions that require early safety are getting gutted by champions like {{champion:7}} or {{champion:18}} or {{champion:67}} who can just dive past the turret with very little risk of themselves dying. I am pretty sure we will also see a rise in {{champion:238}} since his buff, another champion who can easily spam waveclear abilities and fully benefits from the new AD items. In one preseason, Mages have become a class that AD champs just outclasses, even for utility as many AD's such as {{champion:92}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:67}} all have their own form of CC in the form of stuns. Some like Riven even have AOE stuns. As a mage player I am seriously considering going an playing Heroes of the Storm which may be more basic but at least it has a few powerful mages in their outside of just assassins like {{champion:7}}. AP assassins and supports seem to be the only significant picks now. The brief success of {{champion:34}} and {{champion:63}} are being gutted to make room for more AD champions. So Riot, why not just remove the AP Mage class all together since their flashy LCS plays are not enough to impress a crowd. I personally think a good {{champion:101}} is better to watch then {{champion:238}} since everyone plays Zed and he's physically boring to watch because he's so predictable. Most late game mages are completely unviable because the game never GETS to late game.
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