reason for reportings

this last game i play, i came across this player who was asking for a ban straight up calling evryone the "N" word. he was just asking to be banned, and that i told him. he brag claiming he use this racial slurr evry game and nothing has ever happened about it. i was gonna report him for sure. i was just gonna do it. because i wont have this player in the game harassing people and ruin alot of fun for evryone else. after the match my client never came over "skip waiting for stats" so my chanse to report him was taken away from me. and here comes my question. i think league should be given us a second chanse to report people. because if people straight up wanna act like kids and harass evryone else. there is nothing that should stop them from getting a punishment. and my thinking was, what if you go through match history, pick out that match, and still be able to give him a report, should this be a thing?
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