The Yuumi nerf has butchered her gameplay

**I honestly feel that Yuumi's nerf has destroyed her gameplay.** Her nerf has made it more difficult to play the champ, and enjoy the gameplay. Her mana costs are immensely high for the heal. (level 1 heal: Costs 100 mana) Yuumi doesnt start with a lot of mana to begin with Her W, is now a channel as well as its cooldown reduction can stack due to immobilizing effects. Let me elaborate; Yuumi jumps off for a moment, or her ally dies so she detaches. Thereafter she is CCed and her W is on a 5 sec cooldown. Thereafter she is still alive, cool! we can still get away... BUT WAIT! She's too slow so she gets CCed again and then a 5 sec cooldown again... and you die. I learnt the hard way that Yuumi pretty much just sits on a champ 99.9999% of the time otherwise she gets obliterated in a second. So the only way I enjoy playing her at all anymore is if I'm doing something else while I sit and watch my ADC farm and every now and again when I have mana or my cooldown is down, I can cast an ability. I just wish she'd be more playable again and actually see players wanting to play her like myself. I personally don't find her enjoyable at all anymore.
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