Can someone explain to me the matchmaking system...

Ok, so recently, I have been in a lot of games where every single member of my team under-performs. Now, before everyone goes crazy, hear me out, I am a reasonable person and I don't take these kind of statement lightly. I know they say "improve yourself, don't blame the team" and that's how I play, and I think it's been working, but I found myself losing a LOT of games in succession, over a couple of days, which lead me from G2 to almost silver now. And while in most games I can name several things I could have done better, in most, even if I had, I would still lose game. Now the reason I say this, is because out of about 20 games, where I think I've won about 5, I won my lane 80% of the time (room for improvement I know), I've even roamed heavily and granted other lanes free kills, forced enemy summoner spells, or just created pressure to help balance farm. But in more than 4/5 games, the jungler, the bot lane and the top lane (or the mid if I am top) is SERIOUSLY behind. Many games, (not all these bad ones) they are 5 kills down within 10 minutes. This is what I mean by underperforms, maybe they are not bad, maybe they are just behind, but the enemy seems to have better teamwork, coordination and decision making consistently, while I try to lead or i try to follow, either way, my team is usually scattered and diving and chasing in jungle without wards and 5 kills behind. I know that if I played more hyper carry champs like yi or kata, I could maybe carry the game with my lead, as opposed to control mages like Taliyah and Anivia, but that's not the point, the point is, why is it that I am frequently ranked with lower ranked allies, and in most games (check my history, my stats are not always good, but u can see a trend on my team) they are seriously behind. It might just be a coincidence, a string a bad luck, I had some good teams for a while back in August, with the occasional troll and intentional feeder, but from when I reached G2, up until now in G5, I have had terrible teams consistently, with 1/8 roughly, where at least one other member of the team doesn't feed or lose badly within first 10 minutes. My theory, is that because I WAS higher gold, I was getting more low gold and silver on my team, to balance it out, failed to carry (yes I can admit my failings) and ultimately lost ranks, but because I was in higher gold, I am still getting more S1 players on my team, while the enemy is between g2 and some low plats. Ultimately I want to know if this is a thing? does the match making take into account previous ranks or only current rank (and to be honest, I wanted to vent a little) I'll probably just get loads of people saying ghit gud, but I thought I'd ask the community anyway.
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