About "metaslaves"

Hi guys ! I've been recently ~~trolling~~ playing on my low elo smurf and I noticed that people almost never play "meta" champions and often complain about "op" ones. Most of them play the champions they like rather than playing easy and strong champions. ##That's why I asked myself why would they complain if they aren't even trying to win by making the game easier. Meta champions are, most of the time, easy to learn since you have to spend like 20-30 games to master them instead of playing 200+ games to master champions like Yasou... I know it is indeed easier to enjoy your games if you play your 700k mastery points champion, but I think it just makes your games harder if you main a low tier champion. I mean I enjoy my games a lot more when I win than when I play my main. I don't get the point complaining about strong champion while you can just learn and play them. This is what pros do, and will always do : they will always play the best champion in a certain situation. If Banner of Command Sion is broken, then they will play Banner of Command Sion, that's it. What are your thoughts about it ? >The end justifies the means
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