TFT Glacial is still %%%% broken.

only equip her with {{item:3124}} {{item:3094}},,,later on with the synergy of other (three) rangers ashe will reach -5- attack speed within every (3/6/9/12/etc) ,,,with (four) synergy of glacial ashe will gain (30%) chance to stun on hit,,,with minimum chance you can stun target each second for 2 seconds! fun fact : build {{item:3085}} so ashe will stun another target as well. or build darkin if you got golden spatula to suck every kind of mana enemies have aka being the most annoying. this ABUSE also works well on volibear! ( actually only ashe and volibear are abusable glacials ,, if you max gunsilnger put {{item:3022}} on jinx and see how she will destroy & stun everything) fortunately rito lowered voli's AS ratio so he is not good if you didn't get brawlers as main comp. if you do so he is still unstoppable with these {{item:3748}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3094}} i didn't make this discussion because of my before-bed-theoretical-calculations i did because in all of my recent games people were crazy-ly searching ashe to do some %%%% with her! i got %%%% with %%%% cold frozen stuns...
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