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OK here what i did today and why i think the title is correct. I spoke with my friend "Danagein" and we both agree to go in EUNE and play 10 ranked flex games in a row to see how far can we go in the placement. We played together (premade) 10 games today (09/02/2018) without skiping a single game or play alone. What happened next is pure magic. After our final (10th) game i've got Bronze 3 and he god Silver 5. Why i'm so mad you will ask ? Well i still teach him the basics and oh darn we were duo for first 10 games for our placements. Non of us started with any ranked game made before we duo queue today. I'm not saying that he diserve less or more but i'm wondering shouldn't we get the same devision since at every new season everyone start with 1000 elo ? How so we get so low with 5 wins and 5 deafeats when there are people who get silver 5 with 2 wins and 8 defeats ? Why there is soo big RNG in ranked placements ? Why RIot..... Why ?????? Btw here is his OP.GG profile to double check what i'm saying http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=danagein
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