Aatrox Gameplay

{{champion:266}} has his advantages of course but his passive is nearly inaccessible due to fast reset the moment he "leaves" combat. The Latest patch tries to remedy that by allowing him to proc his passive on monsters which makes him a more viable jungler but still when I compare him next to {{champion:23}} : that champion doesn't get his passive pool resets and he is free to easily stack it up. Another example is {{champion:8}} who can walk around with his bloodpool at half and trigger its Rise/fall when the situation calls for. {{champion:266}} on the other hand takes some time to charge up his pool due to cooldowns and his need for lifesteal so unless he can trade with enemy champions he quickly loses that advantage without a chance to wait for the right time to trigger it. Only late game when he has cooldowns and attack speed it becomes more viable and even then it doesn't give you even half your HP back so unless you are extremely fed somehow, you can be easily killed off. (unlike {{champion:23}} who can just keep on attacking or escape during the brief period of invlunrability) Solutions: 1 I think at the very least the Time {{champion:266}} retains his bloodwell "out of combat" could be significantly increased or allow him to charge up his bloodwell more quickly. 2 Another possibility is to make his passive more interesting that when he recovers he gets a massive life-steal on any champ that stays in a radius around him (similar to {{champion:8}} ult but radius dependant) : Thus giving him a chance to get full HP back and Damaging enemies or discouraging them from staying grouped up around waiting to 1 shot him the moment he recovers. This way although his passive is still harder to acquire at least it is more rewarding when you do get to charge it up to full.
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