My secret for winning +60% in ranked

Hello GD people, I felt like giving you one of my most precious secrets in this game for climbing as fast as me in ranked (curently from Gold IV to Plat IV in 55 games). I'm serious, it really works even if sometimes you have to slap yourself to keep doing it. ** For winning you have to : S T F U** Shut the f*** up is the BEST advice I'm giving to you, to my premades, to my teams., to my enemies, to my friends. Your jungler cant smite properly and you lost another dragon/nashor --> STFU You failed miserably your lane and everyone ask you to get a lot of lethal diseases --> STFU Your Riven is full AP --> STFU Your support claimed molesting your mom everyday because you are not following him in his absolutly 0% chance of surviving fight --> STFU Dont mute them, you need to read this shit for your reports when the game ends but DONT SAY ANYTHING, not even some "I dont care" or "ignored/ enjoy your report". **You dont type a single word during your game, pinging is enough whatever you want to say and often way more effective.** You dont have to be polite or funny for being friendly in this game, just keeping your damn mouth shut is more than enough for looking nicer than 90% of the playerbase. Enjoy never being chat or ranked restricted. Enjoy playing and focusing on what you are doing and nothing else, you will notice the improvement, your mates will like you for that, and you'r gonna win more of your games just because you are in the 5% of human beings who can STFU. Best regards, Greum

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