What the ****(stars) is going on with these servers...

I get into a game, i see slight lags but no problem, 2-3min in the game i suddenly can't ******(more stars) Move... i can chat, i can click around, i can open the shop, my champ is farming, but i couldn't move, enemy just walks to me and kills me, then once i revived i still couldn't move SO!, i go and restart the game as quickly as possible close launcher completely, start it up, log in all good under 10sec no biggie, BUT THEN! i click Reconnect but keep getting black screen 2-3 times, 4th time i finally get to the loading screen get to 100% but just stands there and doesn't go any further.. and now i can't join the fki*ng game leaving my teammates and probably gona get reported for your own bullsh*t, sure it's a normal game but still suc*ks, and yea i alvredy checked my internet connection all works fine, and mouse also.. so serioulsy get your sh*t together.
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