Elder dragon soul is totally balanced

Elder dragon soul is totally balanced
Uploaded by AngelOfLife006 on 2019-11-20.
how can the elder dragon soul "execute" a player with 2.5k health ? is this intended or buggy or what the heck happened? how can you even think of implementing something this broken into the game? players' equipment: https://gyazo.com/d336050cf893fe44d1747c7e20b89cbc EDIT(07/12/2019) https://twitter.com/markyetter/status/1197621205601140736 So it was indeed a bug and they fixed it some days ago. But anyways, i know Elder Dragon spawns into the late game, but i agree with what some people have said before, that's not how teams make a comeback. If one team is doing bad, and the other takes elder dragon, it's just a free stomp in my eyes.
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