Can we please address the fact that tanks are dealing a LOT more damage than ADCs? Seriously, just lower their %scalings there's just no reason for them to be that high. You say you've given every low skill tank pick and their mothers a percent scaling to stop noodlefights but why? Noodlefights are one of my favourite parts of playing tanks, and I miss them so much. Noodlefights are what made me feel LIKE A TANK. Now I just feel like a slab of meat, yelling cheesy quotes and stomping older champions that have kits that arent as overloaded as the kits every champion rework / release since midseason 5 has had. Just calm down riot, having unique champions is important, but it doesn't take priority over game balance, and at the moment that is what it's doing. You're trying too hard to create new champions and not focusing enough on the fact that instead of having a few well balanced features you're just stuffing in as much as you can and then hoping it isn't too strong.
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